If you grew up in the 70's and 80's, the magic cube was definitely one of your favorite toys. For now the magic cube of Rubik has been remodeled and gained a new version, the Rubik's Revolution. Unlike the original cube is more than a simple puzzle, it has six electronic games, plus lights, voices and sound effects that will test your mind and your skills. Conquer one level and the Cube will open another, always challenging you. You can learn to play in seconds, but you will need to use logic and strategy. With the option for several players to play, their hands will not stop with Revolution.

Rubik's Revolution is a cube that physically looks like Rubik's Cube Magic, but they are completely different games. All parts of Rubik's Revolution are fixed and in the center of each face there is a button with light. Each color defines a game. There is also a voice that guides, all the time. It requires logic, concentration and agility of the participant.

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Magic Cube Rubik's Revolution

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